Adam Harris, CEO Coaching Derbyshire | Vistage Peer Group Chair
Chair Bio

Adam Harris


A serial and often successful business leader, owner, and innovator, with a keen understanding of the value of strategic connections – and an equally ardent aversion to clutter, noise, fluff, and drudgery that gets in the way of our success. As the Introducer, he seeks to acquaint us not only with the power of networks – but with enhanced results and greater opportunity.

He can help leaders and executive teams determine who we need to know, and who and what they need to know, to produce sustainable business and personal results.

Adam established his business consultancy, Fresh Mindset by The Introducer in 2010, and has worked with CEOs and senior managers providing training, coaching and high level peer group activities to convert opportunities into successes, drive profit, facilitate change, define company direction, and leverage the network.

Adam lives in Derbyshire with his wife and two small daughters, who keep him well and truly on his toes.

Specialties: CEO coach, IT in Business, IT Resellers, IT Channel Community, Professional introducer and facilitator, Technology, Trusted Advisor, CEO Coach, Mentor, Strategist, Confidant, Team Leader: Chair Vistage International, Creative Counsel and Speaker

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CEO Coaching in Derbyshire

As a Business Consultant I have delivered consistently significant results, providing many IT resellers, vendors and Trade Associations advice, consultation and strategy to develop their offering, ensuring maximum ROI whilst having a clear objective to add value to their target market. 

A seasoned ‘facilitator’ I use my extensive network and personable demeanour to increase clients’ opportunities from concept, design to delivery and execution.

I am an accomplished CEO coach, MC, speaker and trainer, having presented and delivered to groups, large and small, nationally and internationally in the UK, USA and Australia, and is also a member of the Technology Networks Advisory board and an Ambassador for the Vistage Networks programme.

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Types of Group run by this Chair

Designed to help results-driven key executives build leadership skills and bring new thinking, new ideas and new strategies to the table - in a trusted peer group environment.

The Vistage Key Executive Program empowers you to become a stronger asset to your CEO and team. Benefit from sharing a peer group perspective, expert insights and executive coaching to give you with the knowledge, strategic thinking and confidence you need for the fast-changing business environment of today’s modern organisation.

Join up to 16 successful executives from a diverse range of businesses and backgrounds and build your skills through challenging discussions, fresh perspectives on the key executive role, strategies to help your business grow, and expert guidance, learning and coaching from Vistage speakers.

We have specific groups for CEOs/MDs running larger SME business (typically £3-£50m); executives running smaller businesses (typically £1-3m); key executives who report to a CEO/MD; and for organisations that wish to bring Vistage inside their organisation for all their senior management team. Find out more about the different Vistage group offerings