Chair Bio

Carl Davies

Central & North West London

Carl has worked in the corporate world for c35 years and has been an MD of privately owned companies since 1993. Carl has extensive experience across a range of industries and geographies either in an operational or consultancy capacity.

Carl graduated in Economics and Public Administration and joined Procter and Gamble on their fast-track graduate sales and marketing scheme. Subsequently he set up a Sales and Marketing Management consultancy which he ran for over 15 years. With offices in the UK and The USA his team of 40 consultants supported some of the world’s largest brands around the globe in both B2C and B2B environments.

Carl is passionate about helping leaders achieve their potential by being the best they can be for themselves, their businesses, their employees and their families.

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Since 2009 he has set up, bought and run a number of businesses including a villa tour operator, an online holiday rental portal and a property development / investment organisation. He has also mentored a number of MDs to help them grow their businesses. Additionally he helps raise growth capital and development finance.

Sport is a large part of Carl’s life, as are his family and The Lord’s Taverners, for whom he has raised over £2m.

He loves to work with people who want to be challenged, have a desire to learn continuously, are curious, are prepared to share experiences and help others, don’t take themselves too seriously, work hard and have fun doing it!

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Types of Group run by this Chair

Successful leaders combine good business sense with inspiration, guidance and unwavering authority. Connect with up to 16 peers from a diverse range of non-competitive businesses and backgrounds in this one-of-a-kind peer advisory and executive leadership development program.

The Vistage Chief Executive Program creates a unique environment that provides each member with individual insight, coaching, strategies and leadership skills to help you make better decisions and achieve better results for your company. Harness the power of a group of fellow executives all driven to do the best for themselves and their peers.

We tailor each Vistage private advisory group to ensure that each member get the maximum benefit possible.

We have specific groups for CEOs/MDs running larger SME business (typically £3-£50m); executives running smaller businesses (typically £1-3m); key executives who report to a CEO/MD; and for organisations that wish to bring Vistage inside their organisation for all their senior management team. Find out more about the different Vistage group offerings