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Andrew Bradley
Vistage is...

"Help and support when your biggest customer collapses"

Andy Bradley

MD, Flora-tec, Flora-tec

Case Study: Flora-tec

"The group is very committed to one another, we’ll help each other in a crisis whether that’s a business or personal crisis; they’re always there for you"

Flora-tec provide interior and exterior plants and landscaping services for organisations and property management companies. Andy Bradley founded the company in Cambridge in 1997 and is Managing Director.   For the past 14 years, Carillion had been one of Flora-tec’s biggest customers. The work Flora-tec supplied accounted for around 40% of their business in grounds […]

Vistage is...

"Validation and insight into the big business decisions"

Zoe Farrington

CEO, Realsafe Technologies, Realsafe Technologies

Case Study: Realsafe Technologies

"I have been pushed to the limits with various issues. I think that without Vistage I probably would have thrown in the towel."

Realsafe Technologies focus on developing safety-based technology. Their first smartphone app – RealRider, tracks motorcyclists and if a crash is detected, connects directly to the Emergency Services. Zoe Farrington joined Vistage in September 2015. It was whilst working on a project with the Great North Air Ambulance that Zoe saw a business opportunity. One of […]

Vistage is...

"A professional network, fresh ideas and a new friendship group"

Robert Bloxham

Managing Director, ORB, ORB

Case Study: ORB

"There can be problems I have been thinking about for weeks that get sorted in an hour, that’s where I find the most value in Vistage."

ORB is a brand agency based in central Birmingham that works with SMEs. Orb uses visual thinking to create brands that are memorable and reflect a company’s values. Robert became a Vistage member in January 2016. Robert Bloxham founded ORB in 2004, born out of frustration of working for larger corporate marketing agencies where the […]

Ian Beardsmore
Vistage is...

"A group of people with a business mind, outside of the business that I’m in"

Ian Beardsmore

Managing Director, Advanex Europe, Advanex Europe

Case Study: Advanex Europe

“Vistage group members have experiences and solutions which help me to make more informed decisions"

Advanex Europe are a global corporation who specialise in precision engineering, producing small metal parts such as springs and clips. As well as providing parts, they are also a solution provider, manufacturing machinery that is more accurate than industry standard. Ian Beardsmore is Managing Director and a Vistage member. Originally an engineering apprentice, Ian began […]

Vistage is...

"Vistage provides so much more than just an external mentor"

Ian Stentiford

Managing Director, Evoqua Water Technologies, Evoqua Water Technologies

Case Study: Evoqua Water Technologies

"Vistage seemed to offer the right balance of experiential learning and personal coaching”. 

Evoqua Water Technologies provide equipment and services to the water industry, including filtration and water treatment. Originally a divestiture from Siemens, Evoqua now have more than 200,000 installations across the world, serving hundreds of millions of people. Ian Stentiford is Managing Director of Evoqua Water Technologies in the UK, as well as segment leader for […]

Vistage is...

"Learning, inspiration and accountability from a peer advisory group"

David Mathieson

Managing Director, Swale Heating, Swale Heating

Case Study: Swale Heating

“I am more convinced than ever that Vistage is money and time well spent”

More than 100,000 households across London, the South East and the Midlands rely on Swale Heating to stay safe and warm. David Mathieson is Managing Director of Swale Heating and a Vistage Member in V325 based in Kent. David joined Swale Heating in August 2015 having had a successful career in construction and engineering. “It […]

Vistage is...

"My route to strategic clarity and focus"

Lorraine Tomlinson

Managing Director, John Laing Training, John Laing Training

Case Study: John Laing Training

“I came out of my first Vistage meeting feeling energised and inspired."

John Laing Training (JLT) offer a wide range of apprenticeships, skills development and health and safety training, working in partnership with businesses to fill skills gaps, develop talent and motivate teams. Lorraine joined JLT in 2005 as Managing Director. Challenge Following a successful management buy out in 2008 led by Lorraine, the company went through […]

Vistage is...

"Bringing business owners together to share values and support each other"

Craig Fletcher

Managing Director, Multiplay, Multiplay

Case Study: Multiplay

"It’s a great confidential environment where you can open up and talk about things you don’t talk about with anyone else, especially in a family business."

Multiplay: From part-time hobby to £20m business Multiplay are the UK’s biggest gaming services company, specialising in large scale gaming events and online games hosting.  Since hosting his first gaming event for just 20 people, Craig Fletcher has grown Multiplay to become a £20 million business. Challenge After successfully running a handful of gaming leagues […]

Vistage is...

"Vistage is the Non-exec Director in my Business"

Derek Stewart

Managing Director, Strategic Asset Managers,

"Vistage is the non-exec director in my business that helps me achieve the goals I am aiming for."

Strategic Asset Managers is a chartered firm of Independent Financial Advisers founded in 2001 by Derek Stewart. Strategic Asset Managers exists to manage individuals wealth, helping them to attain their aspirations whether in business or in life. Challenge Having been in financial services for 37 years, Derek’s main challenge was knowing where to air new […]

Vistage is...

"Sustainable Growth and Effective Leadership With a Vistage Peer Group"

Stephen Brown

Managing Director, Euro Projects Recruitment,

"Vistage is like a spa break for your business. You get the capability and skill of a personal trainer to get you where you want to go."

Euro Projects Recruitment was founded by Stephen Brown 20 years ago, initially as an engineering consultancy firm. With a unique background in finding and hiring skilled people, Stephen saw a gap in the market for a specialist recruitment firm. Challenge In its early days, Euro Projects grew incredibly quickly, expanding its services to not only […]

Vistage is...

"Driving out business deficiencies and integrating teams through Vistage"

Diane Lea

Chief Executive, Staffordshire Housing Group,

"Vistage has given a completely different angle to how we think through business decisions."

With plans to merge parts of the company and remove deficiencies, Diane turned to Vistage to get advice and support from other business leaders. “Vistage has given a completely different angle to how we think through business decisions”

Vistage is...

"Achieving business growth through Vistage peer-to-peer groups"

Tony Altham

Managing Director, AdGiftsOnline,

"With Vistage I get a regular injection of motivation directly into my business."

When the recession started in 2007, AdGiftsOnline lost several key clients that accounted for a large percentage of their revenue.  “Our conversion rate dropped from 40% to less than 10% and our gross profit margins plummeted.  We struggled badly and I didn’t  have anyone else that I could talk to about the business”.

Vistage is...

"Vistage helps you to work on your business, not in your business"

Fiona Hawkins

Managing Director, Plinkfizz,

"If I hadn't joined Vistage when I did, I have no doubt that I would have closed the business."

In 2012, unforeseen sector-wide spending cuts affected around 80% of Plinkfizz’s client base, a large number of which cancelled contracts; at this stage, Fiona was overwhelmed and didn’t know which direction to take the business in. The action and insight that Fiona received from her Vistage group helped her to drastically turn Plinkfizz around.

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