Chris Armitage

Chris chairs a Vistage group in North Buckinghamshire, created for passionate executives running SMEs who want to tackle their issues and take opportunities by applying best practice to grow, improve their business results and become the best that they can.

I know from personal experience how lonely it can be as an MD and how there is nobody in the organisation that you can really trust to give an unbiased opinion or advice. It’s easy to get stuck in the weeds, not tackle those issues or take the opportunities for growth. This requires leadership and that’s where Vistage is uniquely valuable.

I believe that the starting point for success is absolute clarity and understanding of the business vision and strategy. Then you can build, direct, enthuse and empower a team to deliver and grow, supporting them with and establishing best practice to become a world class organisation.

As a Vistage chair I facilitate a diverse group of business leaders who work together confidentially in a safe space continuously striving to improve. We bring perspective and wide experience to bear with a focus on using best practice to grow world class organisations, increase profitability and make people the best that they can be.

Since 1994 I have been an MD, CEO or Chairman of a range of engineering companies, in the UK and across the globe, supplying equipment and services to the process industries. I have seen companies through turnaround, growth, acquisition and disposal. A graduate in Chemical Engineering and with an MBA, I held several varied roles in engineering design, project management, sales and marketing before entering general management.

When I’m not working you can find me following Bristol Rovers or outdoors fishing, golfing or walking.