Dave Pepper

Buckinghamshire & Northants

My career is dominated by growth. I have had the experience of successful leadership teams in large multi-national companies (Rank Xerox, BT, Cap Gemini and Cisco). I have been a leader in smaller mid-sized organisations (Keane, SE Technologies) and an owner of start-ups culminating in a sale (Icoda and MPA).

Helping people to be the best they can be is at the heart of what I have done for the last 35 years, my favourite word in the English dictionary being “stretch”.

I have had the privilege of mentoring numerous business leaders and their management teams on their journey of growth. I enjoy working with a variety of businesses across the commercial spectrum and have taken a number to sale.

I am a founder member of a running club where I am head coach and president. The club has grown to 300 over 7 years based on three core values; performance, inclusion and fun. These values have allowed me to inspire three athletes to represent their country, and I have represented GB in cycling.


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CEO Coaching in Buckinghamshire & Northants

In my last role, I wanted to become a better leader, be challenged and be a part of a team as I sometimes found it quite lonely as a CEO. In 2014, I decided to join a Vistage group where the camaraderie, differing perspectives and experience were invaluable in my growth journey both personally and professionally. Being a member helped me grow an accounting business in five years from £13,000 revenue per annum to over £5.5 million culminating in a sale.

I am now a Vistage Chair with continued emphasis on growth and my groups will have all the characteristics of high-performance teams. We will be ambitious and strive to improve to become the groups with the highest growth rates in the UK.

With the right mix of talent, experience, trust and support of each other I see no reason why that can’t be achieved – if you are up for the challenge and the journey, let’s talk.

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