David Hipkin


David is passionate about helping business leaders achieve excellence and drive growth by finding creative ways of delivering real value to the communities they serve.

David’s business skills were honed in the family business formed in 1890. He then studied for a Management Science degree which led to a 30 year career in technology. David worked for IBM, BP and EDS in technical roles until his passion for delivering innovative solutions naturally led to senior sales and product responsibilities.

Inspired by the opportunity to simplify the administration associated with quality management systems, David started up IdeaGen Software and launched “Quality Workbench”. Over 2500 licenses were sold to 800 customers in the first four years with 20% of sales exported to the USA, Canada and New Zealand.

Having sold his share in IdeaGen, David joined Yorkshire based software business SoftSols Group to drive the sales strategy and ultimately became CEO of the international group with offices in the UK, Poland and Australia. David led the business through several product innovation cycles; a culture change; process review; a complete management restructure and ultimately a full rebrand of the business as SSG Insight.

David comments, “I get a real buzz from seeing technology making a difference and delivering real value. Throughout my career however, the biggest rewards have been the personal thanks from customers and staff for the impact I have made for them personally. The biggest challenges in business all boil down to people and I am now delighted to be in Yorkshire using my experience and skills to help growing businesses in my Vistage Group.

By nurturing a caring, high trust group of business leaders and pursuing lifelong learning through world class speakers, resources and shared experiences we will all make better decisions about what we do and how we do it.”

David lives in Harrogate with his wife Jill. Their son Matt is a data analyst for British Airways and daughter Emma is a hospital pharmacist. David has a keen interest in photography, enjoys travel and loves every opportunity to explore the great outdoors, especially the Yorkshire coast.