Duncan Johns

Leadership and management are too often confused as two words describing similar functions. They are not, the roles are very different.

A manager controls a team to meet agreed objectives. A leader develops a vision of the future and how he wishes to position his enterprise to benefit from the opportunities and avoid the risks. He evolves and communicates the strategy to achieve this whilst building the best team around him. He ensures that the resources are in place to allow his team to function. He is able to delegate the
delivery of the objectives and he works to ensure that the organisation has a healthy and vibrant culture.

Over the last 35 years I have had the privilege of leading enterprises around the world from a start up in Northern Ireland to a Paris based enterprise with £1bn of turnover. Observing good leaders and poor leaders at work you learn from them. This learning process has been very important to me and has taught me many invaluable lessons on what leadership is and the best practices of outstanding individuals.

Leadership is not easy. It can be a frightening and lonely place. When the going gets tough all eyes turn on you. Many skills are required which may not derive from previous experience and they have to be learnt rapidly.

My own successes were crafted from what I learnt from other leaders, not from text books or training courses. That is why I am now helping leaders to realise their own potential and providing a platform upon which they can interact and learn and support each other, acting as a catalyst in their personal development. Leaders who share are leaders who prosper and grow. They are leaders who find balance and joy in their lives.