Fiona Lloyd-Williams

South Central London, Vistage Chair

Fiona is a people focused person who believes that achieving business growth occurs through growing people. She is now using her experience and passion as a chair and coach to facilitate a future where Vistage members and their businesses deliver – financially, professionally and personally.

Fiona enjoys working with and coaching leaders who are life-long learners and who are focused on growth of their companies and themselves. Whether with teams or individuals, her breadth and depth of expertise helps them to achieve results by unlocking their potential to exceed their expectations.

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Fiona’s background as a senior business executive spans diverse ownership models from private-equity to global private corporations. This has generated significant leadership experience in UK, US and worldwide; and experience and expertise across different sectors, including Manufacturing, Insurance, Oil & Gas and Financial Services.

Fiona’s strategic leadership roles include large and small companies. Companies such as Cigna Global Health Benefits, FirstAssist Insurance Services, American Express and United Technologies have all benefitted from her commercial, strategic and operational expertise.

In addition to her family, Fiona’s interests are sailing and hockey. Fiona helps a local charity focused on Youth Social Entrepreneurs. This volunteer role is stimulating and allows her to help the next generation of wealth creators gain a foothold on the enterprise ladder.

Fiona’s Vistage Group is centred in South-Central London and she holds regular ‘Experience Vistage’ events locally. Our members discover that their companies also experience significant business growth as a direct result of the executive leadership coaching provided by their Vistage group. Call Fiona to reserve your place at a future event or find out more.

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