Frank Bastow

London and the South East, Vistage Chair

Frank has a passion for helping established businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs to find focus and to understand their true purpose. In simple terms, he drives context, manages energy and coaches the skills required to enable both businesses and individuals to develop, thrive and survive. Frank is committed to leading by example with unwavering honesty and a deep spirit of fairness. His aspiration is to share his energy and enthusiasm and enable others to discover their own intents and contexts, which will in turn facilitate positive change at a personal and business level for them and everyone involved. Frank has a deep understanding of experiential business and leadership learning from the member viewpoint and is now relishing the opportunity he has as group co-chair to help others achieve their dreams.

Frank is a successful businessman with a beating, happy heart. Frank is CEO of Bastows, London’s premier property restoration and redecoration company where the whole Bastow’s team is committed to ‘Making London Beautiful’. Over the years, Frank has combined his experience in sales, marketing and performance coaching to help grow a number of businesses, including an accounting practice, a HR and wellbeing consultancy and a software testing company, to name a few. Frank is author of “Don’t be a Can’t”, an inspirational business book intended to help anyone get the most out of life and achieve fulfilment and happiness. It was his way of giving back after having been so blessed in his personal and commercial life he wanted to share what he has learnt to help others have a beautiful world. Frank is married to Amanda and lives in Surrey with their 4 children, aged between 16 and 28.

He is a keen poker player, cyclist and former Karate and Fencing champion but on reflection is undoubtedly most proud of his much polished and highly prized Bronze Swimming Certificate received in 1969 – now there’s a tale to tell…