Garry Nelson

One wet Tuesday morning in October 2008 my bank Manager called to alert me that my largest client had spectacularly gone bust overnight. Although not life threatening to the business, it was a severe blow. The sinking feeling knowing the implications to my company and 43 staff made me feel physically sick. With a heavy heart, I reconfigured the business making redundancies of people I liked and known for years. The weight on my shoulders, not wanting to pass on the stress and sadness to my loved ones, was challenging and lonely.

What it would have meant to me then to have been part of the Vistage community, to speak candidly and honestly with my peers to gain their advice and ideas to support me at the most difficult of my business times?

Having walked in the shoes of business owners successfully buying, running and selling four companies over the last 20 years, I have taken on the role as a Vistage Chair. My work at C level in blue-chip business-like BUPA and Prudential enabled me to work with and mentor many senior managers over the years. Four of my immediate senior team became CEO’s of public companies.

My role as Vistage Chair is to support and facilitate leaders of all types and industries. My members have a desire to grow, seek progress not perfection, have fun and drive positive change both in their business and personal lives.

It is a forum where my 35 years of experience and knowledge, sometimes even getting it wrong as well as right, is now being put to its best use.

When you become a member of Vistage, you will still be in business on your own, but you will never be alone.