Gary Weston

Aberdeen, Dundee & North East Scotland

Gary Weston is passionate about training executives, to realise the potential that their companies and staff have lurking just under the surface, waiting for a catalyst to send them on a journey of discovery and growth. He developed his approach to helping and working with SMEs as the continuation of a highly successful corporate career which saw him operate in several continents (including North America, Asia and Europe) and across a wide range of industries (including heavy engineering, electronics, print and electronic directories, telecoms cabling, FMCG, software development, digital media, wholesale/retail operations and CG animation to name but a few).

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The scale of these businesses ranges from start-ups with revenues of less than £150K to multi-nationals shipping products in excess of £2.5B per annum and everything in between. He has been involved in 4 start-ups and in 3 closures and at one point was responsible for thousands of employees across 9 sites in India, North America and the UK.

Gary has been delivering business coaching through Vistage International as a chair since February 2010, as an interim manager and NXD at board level for a number of SME companies and most recently as a Strategic Consultant with Scottish Enterprise, delivering a methodology for creating and implementing growth strategies – the Symbiotic Strategy Cycle.

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