John Lennon


For over 20 years, John has worked as a consultant, mentor, business expert and coach focused on supporting CEOs and MDs achieving their business and personal goals. John’s work as a consultant and as a non-executive director has honed his skills in the areas of P&L management, board restructuring, key hires, sales pipeline management, R & D funding, equity investment, coaching and mentoring.

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Along the way John claims to have made every possible business mistake and has lived to tell the tale and is keen to share the learnings with his clients. John now specialises in executive coaching and facilitation. For the past 7 years this has been his life and his passion, supporting CEOs to find the answers through listening, accountability and ultimately turning possibilities into actions. CEOs generally know the issue, the options and the solution they just need to hear themselves talk it out and this is the key element of John’s work.

John is launching a Chief Executive group this summer in Dublin. The Group will be for non-competing companies with turnovers in excess of €4m. If you would like to discover how being involved with Vistage could help you become a better leader, make better decisions and ultimately get better results, then do get in touch. John is always happy to discuss how Vistage can help over a coffee.

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