Jon Penn

Bristol, Bath & Swindon

I really believe running exceptional businesses is the most important thing you can do. Of course the world needs doctors and social workers and teachers etc., but it is the wealth creation of business that pays for all of those. Even more, the quality of life of tens of millions of people working in business are affected by whether they have the luck to work in well run, successful businesses or… less well run ones!

I have had the misfortune to work in bad ones and great luck to work in and lead good ones. In the 25 years that I have run businesses, either for others (PLCs, VCs and families) as well as running my own (start -up, family, MBO), I have learnt a little bit about the difference.

Some of that learning came from my own journey through a Vistage-like peer group when I was running a group of technology business scattered around the world. I experienced huge benefits from the monthly dose of inspiration and learning, and saw dozens of others benefitting. Of course that benefit multiplies a hundred-fold when you go back into your business and improve things, month in month out.

Since leaving the corporate world I have set up two groups to help business owners and CEOs achieve their goals. A major element of this work is the one-to-one mentoring and coaching that I do with members, which is casual in style, but profound in terms of the impact members report it has on their performance.

Not being able to resist the business “bug” I also invested in and am MD of a small, high growth technology business so I can still relate to the highs and lows of running a business and how all-consuming this can be, if you let it.

My CEO group is made up of hugely talented, fun and ambitious leaders, who consistently amaze in all aspects of their life, yet still regard themselves as work in progress and capable of much more.

If this is the peer group you would like to be part of, do get in touch.