Keith Stewart


With a career spanning over 50 years from blue chip companies to SMEs, and an MBA from Aston university, I have a keen interest in helping people grow themselves and their businesses. My experience covers operations management, finance, sales & marketing and people development. I have led companies including a management buy-in which I successfully grew and exited. I have chaired or been a board member of several charitable organisations

My focus is on helping business leaders make better decisions which is why I am now applying my experience to leadership coaching within Vistage UK. My group comprises leaders from a wide range of sectors, all of whom are dedicated to work with and challenge each other to grow themselves and their businesses.

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I am married to Sally and we have two adult children, Lucy and Alan, both charting their own courses in life and in strong relationships. Other than my family I am passionate about business, investing, politics, rock music, veteran and classic cars and motorcycles. I keep fit and am fortunate to have close friends from throughout my life.

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