Kevin Johnson

South Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and Essex

Kevin has helped some of the world’s most impressive businesses to innovate and grow in a 30-year career spanning many different sectors and countries.

His perspective is highly diverse, having held senior business leadership, operations, consultancy and Board advisory roles around the world. His impact has been significant too, and recognised by notable professional bodies. He has sat on various Boards, led global transformation programmes, chaired CEO peer forums in 12 countries and run his own business. Kevin has also been a business coach and mentor to the leaders of numerous other organisations – ranging from multinationals to start-ups, governments to charities, VCs to cross-sector consortia.

This has reinforced, repeatedly, how much benefit senior people can gain from stepping back and being challenged by peers to think differently – to run better businesses and improve their lives in an increasingly-connected world.

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Kevin was therefore delighted to be invited to become a Vistage Group Chair, combining Vistage’s purpose and impact with his own passions and skills. The core values of trust, caring, challenge and growth particularly resonate with him, given how critical these are for enabling better leaders, better decisions and better results.

His CEO/MD coaching group, is for the chief decision-makers of £3m+ businesses within the “golden triangle” where Cambs, Herts and Essex meet. Members will be diverse in perspective, young at heart, and united in their open-mindedness, desire to create long-lasting success, and belief that this requires the challenge and help of others.

If this describes you, and you think Vistage might help you become a better leader and your business be more successful, please contact Kevin to discuss. He is holding a number of local events in the near future, providing an ideal time to discover the power of a Vistage coaching group.

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