Mark McQuater

Mark has a reputation for working supportively and effectively with business leaders to help them grow their own leadership skills and their companies . He knows the power of clear strategic thinking , setting exciting goals and building a great team .His personal mission is to help CEOs make this happen.

As an experienced CEO who has run and founded companies in the competitive UK hospitality sector over 25 years he understands the process of making the best decisions and changes needed to grow and thrive as a business . Although he has run national businesses with sales of over £200m Mark founded a startup business with a team he brought together .
It grew strongly and delivered a high return to investors giving him a firsthand understanding of the importance of growing as a leader, having the right support and the power of ‘better together ‘ from a CEO viewpoint. He understands the relative isolation that leaders can feel dealing with some issues and knows how Vistage play an invaluable role here .

As a Vistage Chair he is passionate about enabling and coaching business leaders to attain clarity of vision while dealing with challenging issues and building teams to achieve top end results by being at the top of their game.

Mark qualified as an Executive Coach at Henley Business School . He holds a Masters degree in Economics and is also a qualified Chartered Accountant . He is currently Non Executive Chairman of two high growth SMEs and also has his own consultancy business.

Mark is an family man based in South Oxfordshire with two daughters who actively enjoys skiing, cycling, boating , tennis, friends and wine.

Mark is forming a new Vistage CEO group in the Thames Valley and is looking for Founder Members who can help shape it.