Mike Ader

East Midlands, Vistage Chair since 2015

Mike is an experienced executive coach, business leader, strategist and operator with 24 years board level experience in corporates, SMEs and consultancy ranging across food & drink, agriculture, retail, wholesale and packaging. Mike’s formative years were in sales & marketing before broadening out into general management, consultancy, coaching, mentoring & non-exec positions. He is now Chairman of a successful family business and also runs his own coaching practice alongside his core Vistage Chair role.

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Mike has had a varied, successful and enjoyable career with many highs and some lows over which time he has honed a range of skills and gathered a boatload of experience which enables him to be in a great position to finally really help others. Mike is now focused on assisting ambitious and open-minded CEOs, MDs and business owners who want to improve their businesses. Mike will enable them to inspire change and encourage greater clarity and robustness across all aspects of their business and assist them to become stronger leaders, turn issues into opportunities, accelerate development and grow their businesses and most importantly, help create more fulfilling lives for themselves and their employees.

Mike’s passion to help others develop and grow is matched only by his love of running and more recently (sprint) triathlons, good food & wine and spending time with family and friends! Mikes ethos is to have a healthy body, a healthy mind and enjoy life!

To fully grow and develop we need to step right outside our comfort zone. Often a daunting prospect but far less so if you have the total support, commitment and challenge from a group of like-minded leaders such as those you will find in Mike’s group.

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”
(Theodore Roosevelt)

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