Mike Mackenzie


Helping you become a better leader is the lightening rod that lights my fire. Using my extensive experience in strategy, operations and human psychology gives me a deep insight into your challenges which, combined with my natural enthusiasm, allows me to support and inspire business leaders like you to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Getting the maximum value for you, from your peers and from me, is my mission. Group members support each other in their pursuit of the best decisions and the most effective leadership behaviours. I enjoy using my varied UK and International experience across multiple environments and industries to help my members achieve this. Creating the space for you to become aware of your challenges and working with me and your peers to gain full clarity around them provides the opportunity to create better choices and optimise your decision making. From these decisions come better results.

As your Chair, I facilitate this in the group and work on a personal one-to-one basis with you to create the clarity needed to work “on” the business rather than “in” it. Getting you out of the weeds and on top of strategy and results.

If you believe that the unbiased, agenda-free perspectives of 14 non-competing peers is a valuable asset and you are open-minded, keen to learn and ambitious to grow as a person and a leader, and grow your business to the top of you sector…perhaps a short chat might provide us both with some clarity as to whether my group is right for you and you are right for my group?