Nigel Seear


Nigel is an accomplished CEO, MD and business leader within big corporations and small/medium enterprises in start-up, high growth and turnaround scenarios. He spent his career of over 25 years working within the healthcare sector on both the pharma and consultancy sides. Nigel has achieved success in many differing and equally challenging commercial environments, facing rapidly expanding market opportunities, the need for major restructuring activities, acquisitions and integration, and building and mentoring of high performing management teams. He has led businesses delivering in excess of £50m and at industry leading growth and profit levels.

Nigel believes passionately that the best results come from the setting of a clear vision, determined focus in execution and the engagement and empowerment of people to unlock their fullest potential.

As a CEO himself he came to realise just how lonely it can be in that role. He comments “It was something that was always missing, an opportunity to meet with peers who had no vested interest, but with the knowledge and experience that I could draw on to make me a more successful leader”.

Nigel has two teenage children and lives in a small village by the River Thames near Windsor. His passions including a variety of water sports, travelling, snowboarding and live music.

Today, Nigel is building a new advisory group in the Eastern Thames Valley of CEOs, managing directors and business owners who have the ambition to succeed in an ever changing world and inspire their teams to new heights.