Peter Collins


Peter is an accomplished business leader who combines an academic quest for deeper understanding of how we make great decisions with an entrepreneurial passion, drive and dedication.

Peter spent over 20 years within the pharmaceutical industry and at world-leading academic research groups studying the brain and behaviour at The Institute of Psychiatry in London where he received his doctorate, and at the University of Cambridge. Peter then achieved commercial success in the publishing and information sectors in a variety of executive roles leading global teams to penetrate new markets via a range of strategies around new product development, product optimisation, joint ventures, and start-up investments and through building and mentoring high-performing management teams.

Peter believes that ordinary people can only achieve great things when a clear vision is passionately articulated and they are empowered to take the right decisions at the right time with the energy and determination to ‘go the extra mile’. Whatever senior role you have in business it can be a lonely existence at times and there is nowhere more isolated than at the top of the organisation.

Vistage provides Peter with a rare opportunity to give something back, while giving CEOs, MDs and business leaders a safe, confidential, and well structured environment to gain and share insights and perspectives. And ultimately to offer potential solutions for those tough problems in business and life, more generally, for their companies, employees and their communities.

Peter runs a successful Vistage CEO Group in Oxfordshire that contains brilliant leaders who are all on a quest to make better decisions to fulfil their business and personal potential. Please contact Peter if you would like to learn more about his Vistage Group and how it can help you.