Sally Wells


Sally’s background encompasses both the corporate and entrepreneurial sides of business leadership. She has managed hundreds of people, and been CEO/MD of businesses in a variety of different sectors including logistics, education, recruitment, psychometric profiling and publishing. Over the last 12 years she improved the profitability of an international recruitment company by 500% before selling her shares to explore a new startup in education. Sally is running a private advisory group for CEO’s in the London region, to provide support, challenge and development for CEO’s, MD’s and business owners from a wide range of non-competing industries.

Having worked with SME’s and multi-million-pound global organisations, Sally now sits at board level for many high-profile organisations, advising business leaders and heading up transformation initiatives.

Sally’s assertion for enhancing a business’ competitive position is to put its people first, investing in the development of their skills and capabilities. As with any successful transformation, this must be driven from the top. To grow the business, one must grow the leader. This central philosophy has prompted Sally to get more involved with local business leaders in and around London with the aim of contributing to their continuous professional development.

Vistage offers a unique combination of resources for accelerating business performance: monthly meetings with non-competitive business peers in a private advisory group; one-to-one executive coaching & mentoring sessions; expert speakers and interactive workshops; a rich online library of content, best practices, webinars, and more. Access to a global member network of more than 21,000 business leaders.

For more information on the Vistage Chief Executive programme, or the power of the private advisory group, feel free to contact Sally directly. Alternatively, we often have events that you can come along to in order to sample what Vistage has to offer.