Samantha Williams

Samantha is a successful business woman and entrepreneur, driven on exceeding expectations.  As CEO of her own business, she often faced difficult challenges, and knows how lonely it can feel lonely at the top of an organisation.

She became a member of a Vistage group in 2019, and immediately benefitted from drawing upon the knowledge and experience of her peer group. She says “the opportunity to meet with my fellow peers in a confidential setting, and to discuss the challenges I was facing, was refreshing and hugely beneficial. The group meetings and one-to-ones enabled me to process issues and explore new opportunities”.

She says “I am passionate about aligning myself with like-minded, high performing business leaders who share the same core values of trust, caring, challenge and growth and who possess an inner drive to continually learn and self-improve in order to reach their full potential whilst achieving a better work/life balance.”

After spending 10 years on the trading floors of London and New York, within structured equity derivatives, she left her high-flying career in the City to have her family, before following her lifelong dream to start and run a high-end leisure business. She successfully ran her business for over 6 years before divesting and becoming a Vistage Chair.

Samantha’s experience as a Vistage member really resonated with her and she was so impressed by the unique value proposition that Vistage offered, that she decided to become a Vistage Chair herself.

Samantha has been married to Tim for 17 years and they have three children.

Other than her family, Samantha is passionate about flying and has a helicopter pilots licence. She is a fitness fanatic and regularly participates in indoor spinning and HIIT classes, as well as enjoying outdoor cycling and swimming.