Tim Povall


Tim has 30 years of business experience ranging from leading a £250m global technology business to running his own £3m business in the UK. His background is sales and marketing but he has been directly involved in other functions such as manufacturing and logistics. For many years he was a senior executive for a global organisation and led businesses of multiple sizes, based in the UK and other locations in Europe, but global in reach, with sales and manufacturing in multiple locations across the globe. He has also successfully completed several acquisitions and exits including the sale of his own business which he set up and created a few years previously.

Tim has a passion for learning and a particular interest in personal development in the business world, acting as mentor and trainer for senior leaders in his previous organisations. He was seen as a change agent for new acquisitions and helped guide senior executives in the integration with the new organisation which included application of clear business plans, tools and templates to accelerate progress and ultimately beat their business goals.

Having led teams all round the world, Tim has an open and informal style. He has a reputation for being easy to work with and loves to talk and discuss issues with all levels of an organisation, no matter their background or function. He has a reputation as a clear thinker and can isolate the key issues quickly to focus on what really matters.

Tim has a passion for coaching and mentoring and a desire to enrich the lives of fellow leaders in the business world and joined Vistage as a new Chair. This is the perfect environment for him to use his enthusiasm, skill and energy to help guide MDs, Chief Executives and leaders to achieve outstanding business results and enhance their lives.

Outside the business world, Tim loves all sport, though now watches rather than participates, specifically Rugby Union. One exception is golf where he is desperately trying to get his handicap to a non-laughable level.