Open Day: The Year Ahead and Navigating Through Uncertainty

with Roger Martin-Fagg and Philip Hesketh

With worldwide shifts of power and politics, economic uncertainty mixed with unknown opportunities and all weaved in with stories of human tragedy versus inspiration… In the midst of it all, it’s time to join up to 150 CEOs, MDs, business leaders and executives at Titanic Belfast, to discuss the global economy and what lies ahead to help you forge ahead and thrive.


A Global Economic Update with Roger Martin-Fagg

Roger will share with delegates a timely UK and global economic update with an emphasis on Brexit, enabling participants to more accurately assess the risks and opportunities for themselves and their business in the foreseeable future.

Roger will cover:

– System 1 System 2 thinking
– The economic drivers of Brexit and Trump vote
– Globalisation, technological change, and demographics
– Two scenarios; next 5 years Hard Brexit, and Soft Brexit
– Implications of each for; growth, the exchange rate, inflation, interest rates and investment.

The New Way of Selling in Uncertain Times with Philip Hesketh

Philip will then show how and why it is so important to understand what it is that makes your staff and clients do what they do. In this engaging, amusing and thought provoking session, Philip will provide us with real can-use-tomorrow techniques that will help you motivate your staff, sell more and hold high prices in these uncertain times.

Philip will explore:

– The ‘Facts, Feelings and After Effects’ of every conversation
– The difference between persuasion and influence
– Our seven psychological drivers (Or ‘What makes us tick’)
– How to build your reputation and gain credibility
– How to understand, manage and exceed expectations 
– The triangle of Efficacy, Time and Cost 
– How to discount less, charge more and hold a high price


This event is free to Vistage members.
Colleagues of Vistage members: £75 +VAT – morning only.
Vistage alumni: £150 +VAT
Vistage guests: £150 +VAT

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