The Leadership Seven: Building the habits of extraordinary effectiveness
with Brad Waldron

Join local CEOs, MDs, business leaders and executives at Lynford Hall where Brad Waldron will show attendees how to lead from the inside out, achieving sustained superior results by focusing on making themselves more effective. 

Consider the price a business pays when only half the people show initiative, fewer than half feel they can be candid about tough issues and only a third possess individual work goals, plan their time, or contemplate how to improve their performance. Individual strengths and personal effort drive effective businesses. Unfortunately, with common distractions, conflicting priorities, unclear objectives, poor communication, and lack of trust, it’s easy to burn out and lose focus.

What you will discover:

Becoming More Effective
Effective individuals win two victories in life: a private victory when they learn self mastery and self discipline, and a public victory when they build deep and enduring relationships with others. As they practice the Leadership 7, they move from being dependent on others to independence and finally to interdependence, where they reap the rewards of superb cooperation and collaboration.

Attendees will gain hands on experience, applying timeless principles that yield greater productivity, improved communication, strengthened relationships, increased influence and laser like focus on value based priorities. 

The Power of the Leadership 7

Leadership 001: You are in charge of you
Principle: I am free to choose and am responsible for my choices.

Leadership 002: Decide on what matters most
Principle: A purpose built life be your leadership compass

Leadership 003: Build extraordinary execution skills
Principle: Effectiveness requires the integrity to act on your priorities.

Leadership 004: Everyone at the party gets a balloon
Principle: Effective, long-term relationships require mutual respect and mutual benefit.  

Leadership 005: Listen with the intent to understand
Principle: To communicate effectively, we must first understand each other, express your message with fierce conversations.

Leadership 006: Build your dream team
Principle: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Leadership 007: Live, learn, love and leave a legacy
Principle: To maintain and increase effectiveness, we must renew ourselves in body, heart, mind, and spirit.

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Vistage Alumni: £150+VAT
Vistage Guests: £195+VAT

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