Young Talent: Engagement, Belonging and Retention of Young Millennials & Gen Z

In the UK today, 24% of workers are Gen Z and 35% are Millennials. In the next 5 to 7 years, 75% of the global workforce will be 35 years old and younger. How should you prepare your organisation to engage, motivate and retain these employees? This session positions what’s unique about young Millennials and Gen Z. It also identifies what discourages and disengages these employees, and positions a leadership framework (the Five Ps’) to engage, motivate, develop and retain your youngest talent today so that they can maximise their performance and also provide value to your organisation.


  • Position Millennials and Gen Z amongst the seven generations alive today.
  • Bust myths about the working practices and demands of Millennials and Gen Z in the workforce.
  • Confirm what discourages and disengages Millennials and Gen Z at work.
  • Provide practical hints and tips – using the Five P’s framework – to help this young talent to become engaged, productive and valuable in the workforce.
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