Vistage Executive Summit – London
Making Dynamic Decisions

Join over 350 CEOs, MDs and senior business leaders in a one day workshop with a lineup of world class speakers, where you will get the chance to meet and network with Vistage members and business leaders from around the UK.

A powerful event designed entirely for executives. Dynamic expert speakers leave you with insights to expand your perspectives, refine your instincts and improve your judgement – all of which will help you make better decisions. Peer-to-peer interactive breakout sessions will explore how to approach current challenges to uncover opportunities.

Attend the Vistage Executive Summit to:

– Optimise your business. Uncover new opportunities using fresh perspectives from trusted experts.
– Enhance your leadership. Sharpen your focus on the areas of greatest opportunity.
– Lead with innovation. Bring a higher level of creativity and problem solving skills to your organisation.

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Registration Opening Soon