Lifting the Performance Curve

In this fast-paced and highly engaging session, Mark Robb will share with you specific strategies to lift the performance curve and help you understand how to set goals that are memorable and initiate action.

Delegates will also learn three powerful feedback methods that work together to help manage both difficult conversations and move strong performers forward. As well as understand the psychology of performance, and the games people play to avoid maximising their performance.

Part A: The Principles 

  • Performance Essentials
  • The Performance Management Cycle
  • The Centrality of aim … & the discipline of elimination
  • Why Goal Setting Works … Using the Whole Brain
  • The Green Red Story … A framework for continual improvement
  • An Opportunity with the bottom 10%

Part B: The Tools  

  • The Research
  • The 3 Feedback Models
  • Initiating Difficult Conversations
  • The Games People Play
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