Making Strategy Happen
with Michael Canic

Join over 120 CEOs, Managing Directors, business leaders and executives at Celtic Manor, South Wales to hear International Vistage speaker Michael Canic speak on ‘Making Strategy Happen’ and discover what happens when leaders align their organisations to win. Michael will explain how developing the right focus, creating the right environment and getting the right people is key to achieving your strategic goals.

Results don’t happen by chance. They happen when managers create an environment that is uncompromisingly aligned with the strategic focus of their company. An aligned environment means people processes, business processes, and organisational structure. And it means alignment through the eyes of employees, not just through the eyes of managers.

Dr. Michael J. Canic outlines in detail the “Strategic Alignment Model” and the four critical areas that need to be aligned for organisations to achieve results. Michael will provide a methodology for diagnosing misalignments and give practical suggestions for correcting them. Attendees can apply these tools and techniques to a range of business challenges including:

– Strategy implementation – Organisational change – Workforce motivation

What you will discover:

The right focus reflects an organisation’s strategic ambition. Gain understanding about why the annual strategic planning exercise so often fails to produce the right focus and why strategic management is a far more effective alternative.

The right environment is one in which everything employees experience consistently points them in the direction of the right focus. The session will outline the performance, improvement and organisational factors that leaders must align to create the right environment.

The right people are those with the skills, traits, values and experience required to succeed. The session will emphasise the necessity of all four traits and spotlight rarely considered factors that should be requirements of the selection process

Afternoon Sessions

Members and Colleagues – Exclusive PM Session with Michael Canic

Vistage members and their colleagues will have the opportunity to stay for an exclusive afternoon session with Michael Canic. This is a two hour session which will explore some additional material that adds further value to the morning session. Working with Michael Canic, you will create an action plan on how you will implement what you have learnt for both yourself and your teams.

It is highly recommended that all members and colleagues stay for the full day.

Guests of Vistage – ‘Experience Vistage Session’

Guests will have the opportunity to attend a complimentary session in the afternoon to find out a little more about Vistage and experience for themselves the real power of being part of a peer group and Vistage group meeting.

The complimentary session is exclusively for CEOs, MDs and business owners and this interactive session will be run by a Vistage group Chair. You will find out how joining a working group of CEOs, MDs and business owners will benefit you and your business.

The hallmark of a Vistage group is something we call ‘issue processing’ and is a structured, thorough and efficient approach to help successful executives think through the dynamics of a challenge or evaluate opportunities.

Event Fees

This event is free to Vistage members.
Colleagues of Vistage members: £99 +VAT – morning only. £150 +VAT full day (Recommended)
Vistage alumni: £150 +VAT
Vistage guests: £150 +VAT

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