Live Your Life On Purpose

Vistage will be providing 2 webinars a month, bring new topics and speakers into the frame. These speakers will be giving timely insights and takeaways for you to use in your professional and personal environment.

Go from A to Better

As we begin the New Year, we recognise that the human mind has a tendency to perceive ‘time landmarks’ as a chance for a new beginning –  a fresh psychological ledger of sorts. It’s an opportunity to harness a higher level of focus and motivation.

This 60min webinar capitalises on this phenomenon and is centred around one simple yet effective tool for strategic goal setting, particularly in a world of uncertainty.

Dr T’s A to Better Step model will offer you a practical, strategic method of goal setting that you can apply to your personal and professional life, as well as share out to your team for their benefit too.  This session is designed to leave you with a greater sense of clarity, confidence and calm.

This 60min webinar covers:

– An introduction to Purpose Based Goals

– An introduction to Brain

– The A to Better Step method walkthrough

– Deep Dive Q&A

Experience Vistage 

It’s no surprise that Vistage member companies grow 2.2 times faster than their competition. This is your opportunity to experience first-hand the power ofbelonging to a CEO peer advisory group.
This session will allow you to experience two of the three core elements of Vistage membership. You will hear from world-class speaker Tharaka Gunarathne, with his workshop “Live Your Life On Purpose” – Followed by an ‘Issue Processing’ session, which showcases the impact of a peer group.
Vistage is a unique way of gaining insight, challenge and inspiration from peer founders and business leaders. Gain perspective, advance your leadership and begin to push your business performance to the next level at this event.
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