Vistage Executive Summit – London
Accelerate: Leadership-Performance-Results

Join over 300 business leaders at this full day, interactive event where you will gain new insights and perspectives, from world class speakers. There will be breakout sessions and networking time with other Vistage members and business leaders throughout the day, to explore current challenges and uncover new opportunities.

It’s no surprise that Vistage member companies grow 2.2x faster than the average business. We believe that success has no finish line. As a CEO, business owner or senior executive you’re driven to succeed. Simplify and accelerate your journey. Gain perspective, advance your leadership and push your business performance to the next level at this event.

The DNA of a Champion with Sir Clive Woodward

Clive will speak about the three characteristics that he believes all true Champions need to exhibit in order to build sustainable success with their teams. Using examples from his careers in business, rugby and the Olympics, Sir Clive will explain, what each of these characteristics are but also importantly how he coaches teams and individuals to perform better in each area to create champion performers.

Teachability: The ability to change and to always keep learning is a critical skill for any leader. Their willingness to learn and accumulate knowledge around their role and in particular how they
can continually improve on what they already have is key. New people become students easily. It’s maintaining that thirst for relentless learning the higher up you go in and organisations that can
often become more difficult.

Pressure: Leaders and teams aren’t born able to perform under pressure, but it can be taught or coached and it’s a vital skill if you’re going to become a champion in business or sport. Leaders
have to systematically work through every eventuality with their teams so that the team has already gone through the thought processes needed to overcome them. This reduces the chances of coming up against something unexpected in the real world, allowing the team to use their time effectively to prevent risks and to execute their strategies consistently.

Mindset: Winning cultures must have the commitment to win. It’s about being empowered and accountable and the attitude they display. Sir Clive believes that you need an obsession for your
work in order to stay focused on your goal, but that this obsession is more about having a passion for your subject and attention to detail than working crazy hours or sending emails at midnight.

Managing in an Uncertain Economy with Alex Chausovsky

The session will provide ITR’s expert views of what to expect from the UK and global economies for the remainder of 2019 and beyond, covering such topics as manufacturing, construction, trade, exchange rates and more. Attendees will also learn about a method by which they can take advantage of their own data to make better quality decisions based on the economic environment. The audience will find out how to identify where they are in the business cycle and which leading indicators should guide their business strategy.

The entire company leadership team will benefit from this presentation. Attendees will walk away from this session with:

– Clear, practical, and actionable business advice based on the current economic environment
– Understanding of the impact of government policy on the economy
– Trade and exchange rate expectations

Charting Success: 8 Steps to Navigating a Winning Team with Caspar Craven

Caspar, Author of ‘Where the Magic Happens: How a Young Family Changed Their Lives and Sailed Around the World.’ will talk about Leadership and Teamwork and how to build a high performance, winning team.

In June 2009, Caspar and his wife Nichola created a plan to sail around the world with their young children. Most people thought they were crazy. But they embraced every moment of this momentous chapter of their lives. Five years of planning – the vision, the values, the practicalities, the realities, the excitement, the highs, the lows and the seemingly adventure-stopping obstacles – led to two wonderful years of living their dream – the magical and the scary; enjoying life and learning as a family.

Caspar takes audiences on an unforgettable journey around the world with powerful images and videos and at each point of insight, connecting the experiences back to the business world.

Attendees will discover how to:

–  Set a Clear Direction / Engage Your Team.
– Create a Culture of “We, Not Me”.
– Develop a Winning Mindset.
– Follow the 80 / 20 Principle – Focus on the Biggest Impact.
– Build People – A Happy Team is a Fast Team.
– Live Your Values.
– Get Resourceful.
– Celebrate.


*Agenda timings may be subject to change

08.00-09.15 Registration and breakfast The Marketplace
08.15 – 09.10 Breakfast networking breakouts  
09.15 – 09.30 Welcome and introductions  

09.30 – 11.00

Clive Woodward The DNA of a Champion
11.00 – 11.30 Refreshment break and networking The Marketplace
11.30 – 12.45 Alex Chausovsky Managing in an Uncertain Economy
12.45 – 13.00 Review and discuss actions  
13.00 – 14.00 Lunch and networking The Marketplace
14.00 – 15.15 Caspar Craven Charting Success: 8 Steps to Navigating a Winning Team
15.15 – 15.30 Closing remarks  


Event Fees
This event is free to Vistage members.
Colleagues of Vistage members: £195+VAT*
Vistage alumni: £295 +VAT
Vistage guests: £595 +VAT

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