Influencing Your Team to Drive Profits

with Brian Parsley

Join over 120 business leaders at The Pavillions of Harrogate to hear from international speaker Brian Parsley Brian is a certified professional Behaviour Analyst and Human Capital Strategist who guides organisations to increase management effectiveness, delight customers and build profitability.

Morning Keynote

As execs it’s important never to forget leadership is about influence. The question is, how effective are we influencing others? Everyone wants to believe they can ‘convince’ people the best way is their way, but that’s manipulation. Imagine if you could guide others to the decisions that benefit everyone. We shall focus on the three most impactful influences we’re faced with on a daily basis.

What you will discover:
• New ways of framing conversations with customers and employees.

• Understanding the impact on your business of positive, negative and unintentional influence.

• How to develop better personal connections that lead to better results.

• Confidence that you have a new perspective on building a better culture in your business

Brian will show attendees how to build a winning culture within their company to get the same level of commitment from the team as the day they were hired.

Looking in particular at:

• How to fire someone and have them thank you.

• The three keys to getting the best out of your people.

• Why traditional interviews don’t work and how to ask ‘Miss America’ questions.

• Proven principles from Fortune 500 leaders to hire, inspire and have loyal employees.

• Ways to increase employee performance and reduce organisational churn.

• How being respected is more important than being liked in your company.

• How to turn malicious obedience into voluntary compliance.

Afternoon Session

Exclusive Network Discussion – Vistage members only

Great people = great competitive advantage in the manufacturing industry. Vistage members are invited to join their manufacturing peers for networking, discussion, and exchange of best practices on the most pressing people-related topics. Led by Vistage Chair Ian Brierley.

Topics for discussion:

  • Cultivating your company culture.
  • Sourcing the most qualified candidates.
  • Strengthening your current team.
  • Maximising an aging workforce.
  • Driving loyal customers.

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Guests of Vistage – ‘Experience Vistage Session’

Guests will have the opportunity to attend a complimentary session in the afternoon to find out a little more about Vistage and experience for themselves the real power of being part of a peer group and Vistage group meeting.

The complimentary session is exclusively for CEOs, MDs and business owners and this interactive session will be run by a Vistage group Chair. You will find out how joining a working group of CEOs, MDs and business owners will benefit you and your business.

The hallmark of a Vistage group is something we call ‘issue processing’ and is a structured, thorough and efficient approach to help successful executives think through the dynamics of a challenge or evaluate opportunities.

This event is free to Vistage members.
Colleagues of Vistage members: £99 +VAT
Vistage alumni: £150 +VAT
Vistage guests: £195 +VAT

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