Vistage groups, facilitated by experienced Chairs, help you gain fresh perspectives and insights while helping others like you to overcome obstacles and make the most of opportunities.

Adrian Sharpe

Adrian chairs two Vistage groups in the North West. The Chief Executive Group is suitable for MDs and CEOs of larger SMEs whist the other group Is suitable for key executives who report to CEOs.

Andrew Hall

Andrew chairs one group across the Northampton, Bedford and Milton Keynes area. This group brings together business leaders from a diverse range of non-competing industries and is open to executives running larger SME businesses.

Mark Burns

Mark chairs a Vistage Group for businesses in and around Yorkshire. This group would suit CEOs who are keen to grow – both themselves and their businesses; who are willing to share and solve common issues with a like-minded group; and who believe in investment for longer term growth and value of people in the delivery of business success.

David Sheepshanks CBE DL

David chairs two Vistage groups in Suffolk, created for passionate executives who want to tackle their issues and improve both their business results and their own leadership skills. One group is for executives running larger SME businesses, one for those running smaller SMEs.

John Richard Arthur Ward

Richard chairs two Vistage groups in Staffordshire. The Chief Executive Group is suitable for MDs and CEOs of larger SMEs; the other group has been designed to support both leaders of smaller SMEs and key executives.

"Vistage seemed to offer the right balance of experiential learning and personal coaching”. 
“I am more convinced than ever that Vistage is money and time well spent”
“I came out of my first Vistage meeting feeling energised and inspired."