Dave Pepper

Dave chairs a Vistage Group in Buckinghamshire & Northants . The group is suitable for passionate business owners, MDs or CEOs, who want to tackle their issues and improve both their business results and their own leadership ski...

Mike Whittaker

My passion for the last 19 years has been to work with organisations, their leaders and their people, around the world, to help them do that by bringing different perspectives.

Steve Hill

Steve is passionate about helping owners and business leaders develop and grow, both themselves and their business.

John Morris

As business leaders we are in the business of making great decisions that help us grow our companies and grow our-selves. This has been the most enjoyable part of my role for the last 35 years and now I am giving back by doing wha...

Kevin Johnson

Kevin chairs two vibrant groups across Herts, Essex and S.Cambs. One of these is for passionate CEOs/MDs who run already-successful and growing SMEs, the other for rising stars within their teams.

Mark Fuller

Mark has a wealth of operational, strategic growth, finance, funding and mergers and acquisitions knowledge and experience. He has, and continues to work with, boards of high growth businesses in a variety of sectors across the UK...

Steve Gilroy

Steve chairs two Vistage groups in London, for businesses focused on Scaling-Up. The groups are open to owners, CEOs and MDs of businesses ranging from £2m to £50m.

Stuart Smith

Stuart chairs two groups in Norfolk. The Chief Executives group is suitable for passionate executives running larger SME businesses who want to tackle their issues and improve both their business results and their own leadership s...

Paul Adlam

Paul chairs two Vistage Groups in Surrey. The CE Group is for business owners, MDs or CEOs who want to tackle their issues, develop their leadership skills and improve their business results. The Small Business Group is suitable f...

Paul Pinson

Paul chairs three Vistage groups in Edinburgh and the East Coast. The two Chief Executive Groups are suitable for MDs and CEOs of larger SMEs; the other, a Key Group, has been designed to support key executives.