Find a Group | Confidential Problem-solving Business Leaders Peer Group


Vistage groups, facilitated by experienced Chairs, help you gain fresh perspectives and insights while helping others like you to overcome obstacles and make the most of opportunities.

Keith Stewart

Keith chairs a Vistage group in Yorkshire that brings together business leaders from a diverse range of non-competing industries. Open to executives running larger SME businesses.

John Gellett

Chief Executive & MD Vistage Group in Central London. My group is suitable for passionate business owners, MDs or CEOs, who want to learn and develop. But also those who want to convert this learning to action by confronting and overcoming their issues. This will improve both their leadership skills and business results.

David Briggs

David Chairs Vistage groups in Lancashire and Manchester. The groups are suitable for passionate business owners, MDs or CEOs, who want to tackle their issues and improve both their business results and their own leadership skills.

Jan Lloyd

Jan chairs a Vistage Group for businesses in and around West London. This group would suit CEOs who are keen to grow – both themselves and their businesses; who are willing to share and solve common issues with a like-minded group; and who believe in investment for longer term growth and value of people in the delivery of business success.

Chris Everard

Chris chairs three groups across the East and West Midlands. Two groups are Chief Executive Groups suitable for MDs and CEOs of larger SMEs to solve problems, develop strategies and keep moving forward. One is for the leaders who run smaller SMEs.

"The group is very committed to one another, we’ll help each other in a crisis whether that’s a business or personal crisis; they’re always there for you"
"I have been pushed to the limits with various issues. I think that without Vistage I probably would have thrown in the towel."
"There can be problems I have been thinking about for weeks that get sorted in an hour, that’s where I find the most value in Vistage."