Vistage groups, facilitated by experienced Chairs, help you gain fresh perspectives and insights while helping others like you to overcome obstacles and make the most of opportunities.

Carole Harvey

Carole chairs one Vistage group in the East Midlands. Open to executives running larger SME businesses, this group brings together business leaders from a diverse range of non-competing industries to solve problems, develop strategies and keep moving forward.

Julian Cook

Julian chairs a group in Yorkshire. This group is suitable for passionate executives running SME businesses who want to tackle their issues and improve both their business results and their own leadership skills.

Chris Everard

Chris chairs three groups across the East and West Midlands. Two groups are Chief Executive Groups suitable for MDs and CEOs of larger SMEs to solve problems, develop strategies and keep moving forward. One is for the leaders who run smaller SMEs.

Kevin Johnson

Kevin chairs two vibrant groups across Herts, Essex and S.Cambs. One of these is for passionate CEOs/MDs who run already-successful and growing SMEs, the other for rising stars within their teams.

Adam Harris

Adam chairs one group in Derbyshire. This group has been designed to support both leaders of smaller SME businesses as well as key executives reporting to CEOs to develop their skills, tackle obstacles, develop innovative strategies and actively move their businesses forward.

“I am more convinced than ever that Vistage is money and time well spent”
“I came out of my first Vistage meeting feeling energised and inspired."
"It’s a great confidential environment where you can open up and talk about things you don’t talk about with anyone else, especially in a family business."