Chair Bio

Neil Britten


I am always keen to hear from and meet CEO/MDs and business owners who want to grow their business at three times the pace of their peers through business coaching, to see whether they are the right people to join my Vistage group in the Chilterns and West London.

Throughout my business career as a senior executive, advisor and non-executive director, spanning more than three decades and sectors as diverse as high-technology, finance, manufacturing, hospitality, travel and tourism my passion has been to make a significant tangible difference.

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Following early years in microelectronics design at Texas Instruments, I joined multinational Burmah-Castrol, working in IT and finance and leading a portfolio of new ventures, which I succeeded in growing at 45% per annum, in the UK and Australia. Over the next two decades I worked as a senior executive and board advisor to major global businesses such as Whirlpool, Philips, BT and Citibank, helping these complex organisations face their toughest strategic challenges and dramatically improving their performance through transformational change programmes.

More recently I work as a qualified non-executive director for smaller private equity funded businesses and start-ups. A recent success was the sale of one of my client’s technology ventures for a fourfold return on the founding equity.

I was able to combine two of my passions by chairing the century-old non-profit Ski Club of Great Britain. Skiing allows me to indulge my love of wild places, great companions, good food and wine, with an enduring challenge to push myself and reach new heights – literally and metaphorically! Also it allows me to spend time with three grown sons, as long as I can keep up.

My group includes CEO/MDs and owners of all types of companies (including non-profit), with a turnover range of between £2.5m and £50M. If you are interested to learn how business coaching and mentoring through Vistage can help you grow your business and become a better leader, get in touch with me now. We often have events you can join to sample what Vistage has to offer.

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Types of Group run by this Chair

Successful leaders combine good business sense with inspiration, guidance and unwavering authority. Connect with up to 16 peers from a diverse range of non-competitive businesses and backgrounds in this one-of-a-kind peer advisory and executive leadership development program.

The Vistage Chief Executive Program creates a unique environment that provides each member with individual insight, coaching, strategies and leadership skills to help you make better decisions and achieve better results for your company. Harness the power of a group of fellow executives all driven to do the best for themselves and their peers.

We tailor each Vistage private advisory group to ensure that each member get the maximum benefit possible.

We have specific groups for CEOs/MDs running larger SME business (typically £3-£50m); executives running smaller businesses (typically £1-3m); key executives who report to a CEO/MD; and for organisations that wish to bring Vistage inside their organisation for all their senior management team. Find out more about the different Vistage group offerings