DNAsix: How to survive, compete and ultimately thrive in today’s digital marketplace


Like it or not we are in a predominantly digital age. Technology has moved so fast that it is affecting almost every part of our lives. Social media, data security, virtual reality, Blockchain, artificial intelligence, Big Data – the list goes on.

Unfortunately, too many businesses are unprepared to meet the challenges of this new landscape and aren’t keeping pace with the technology.

Doing nothing is really not an option though and hoping that tried and trusted methods of sales, marketing and business development will somehow carry on working is a fantasy.

The key thing is to have a proper digital strategy for your business. One which takes into account the changing landscape and helps you plan for the future, as best you can.


These workshops are designed to give attendees a defined ‘digital’ business plan. This is based around the DNAsix® diagnostic model. Using the model, by the end of the workshop those attending will be able to:

  • Learn about the new digital landscape
  • Take a 360-degree view of how their organisation is currently faring in this environment
  • Plan for how they are going to drive the business forward over the coming months and years
  • Implement a digital business strategy

Takeaway value:

DNAsix® is all about achieving strategic business goals and the diagnostics tool gives users a score out of 100, depending on how geared up their business is for the digital world.

Delegates, armed with their digital business plan, will be able to implement their SMART goals then start working on a range of other practical measures which will have been identified in the session.

Social media and digital are NOT about just marketing or sales. They now impact almost every aspect of business including HR, internal communications, IT, customer service and even finance. So there has to be an holistic approach to business consultancy which encompasses all of these.