The High-Performance Mindset: unlock the untapped talent in your organisation


This workshop is a practical and jargon-free introduction to the principles of high performance in the world of business. It will provide you with tools and strategies to enable you to start developing the talent and potential of your people immediately.

The thing we hear most often when talking to business leaders is that they want help nurturing and developing the performance of the talented people in their organisation. 95% of employees believe they are not performing to their full potential. This workshop gets right to the heart of high-performance at an individual, team and organisation level.

The session takes what has worked in high pressure, often life and death situations, in other high-performance arenas, in particular elite sport and the military on active service, and relates it to the challenges you face at work.

Peter takes an experiential approach and brings the workshop to life with case-studies, personal experiences and audience participation exercises. It is short on textbook theory and long on practical advice and real-world illustrations. You will leave with some practical strategies and tools that you can use immediately for developing the people in your organisations.



  • What determines how well we perform (audience participation)?
  • The real causes of pressure.
  • The simple performance equation.
  • Self-assessment of your readiness to perform under pressure (audience exercise).
  • The nature of talent.
  • Why talent is not enough (audience exercise).
  • What makes top performers successful?
  • The importance of knowledge in performance.
  • The Growth Mindset vs The Fixed Mindset.
  • The four core attitudes of the world’s best performers.
  • The important self-discipline of constant self-improvement (group exercise).
  • Failure is an option – the importance of failure in the recipe for success.
  • Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.
  • Why your culture must be tolerant of risks, mistakes and failure.
  • Two contrasting case studies, from high performance arenas, of the approach to mistakes and learning (team workshop exercise).
  • High Performance Teams.
  • The key characteristics of high performance teams.
  • Motivation and the importance of shared purpose.
  • Being the leader of high-performance teams.
  • The balance of people.
  • The importance of psychological safety (audience exercise).
  • Some simple strategies for tipping the performance equation in your favour.
  • How serious are you about performance?

Value and takeaway:

The workshop will be illustrated with real case studies and examples, supported by audience participation exercise and documentation, so that anyone in the audience can immediately begin work on improving their performance and developing the performance of the people in their organisation.

The key messages from the workshop will enable attendees to assess the performance culture of their organisation and the performance attitude of their teams and leaders. The tools provided will enable them to take action!

Attendees will leave with an understanding of what lies behind great performance for individuals and teams and what people need to do to perform at their very best.

This, together with some practical tools and strategies, will enable them to measure and act immediately, to develop the performance of their employees, teams and leaders.

Leaders who attend this workshop will be able to start creating an environment where talent can flourish and reach its full potential and achieve greater results for the organisation.

Added November 2017.