Transformational Change


Why is this of interest and significance to CEO’s and business leaders?

Transformational Change is a complete transformation process in an organisation designed to bring big improvements and a better future. It isn’t an event it’s a process.

Is your business performing below industry levels, or is the industry changing more rapidly than you even though you are efficient? Either way the four steps explored in this session will enable you to take stock, see what the future should look like and plot a path to get there.

This is not an academic exercise of theory but a hands on practical, common sense journey based on a speakers experience of making it happen in the real world.

Every organisation and every industry has its own ways of working but the underlying skills of recognising trends, position and applying tools and techniques is common to all.

First the group will outline their current challenges and outlook and decide what success should look like.

Always interactive, the session will set the scene using horizon positioning, then participants will form into two groups to work together to use their collective skills to solve a ten year scope, real life case study. Outcomes will be discussed and then measured against the speakers direct professional experience of the case.

The group will then walk through the four steps to transformational change, consider if their approach would have been different, but most importantly apply it to their own business challenges and opportunities.

A selection of practical tools and exercises will be shared to help participants put into action the lessons and process of transformational change, including the popular ‘four walls and a table’.

Outcomes and takeaways

Every business undertakes change to survive, either planned or as a reaction to events. But not every organisation considers and plans for more transformational change over a period of years, enabling it to recruit for capability gaps, reorganise for emerging trends and be ahead of the competition. Most of all to be in control of its own destiny.

Participants of this session will take away practical measures, tips and steps to start immediately. They will gain from the experience of a seasoned professional who oversaw a complete transformation of his business to grow it from £18m to over half a billion.

CEO’s and business leaders will walk away from this session with the desire to work with their colleagues to understand today, and plan for their future with enthusiasm and a confidence that they are equipped and capable of transforming the future for themselves, their colleagues and the business.

Added April 2018