The Inner Rhythm: Altered States. Inspired Moments. Methods to Practice.

An immersive and fully experiential a process for leaders that alters their state(s) of consciousness and has them truly pause, feel, focus and experience flow.

The process is direct in its impact and has a profound and lasting change in enabling leaders to being the best they can be. It draws inspiration from eastern as well as western approaches to self-inquiry and is supported by the recent developments in neuroscience.

Leaders experience aloneness of a kind that is in part, a self-created paradigm. In their quest to do good and to ‘make the numbers’, many a time they forget to look ‘in’ and reconnect to their biggest ally, their SELF. This guided meditative process, Inner Rhythm, enables a meditative experience, a state of no-mind and has leaders reconnect to a moment of stillness or pure awareness.

For Whom:
It is for those leaders who are faced with many an existential question but who don’t have the time or the patience to go on an open-ended spiritual quest. It is for those who have a deep sense of urgency for change and who back themselves to win.

The process has the primary objective of enabling a real balance in the lives of leaders by altering their relationship with time and by transforming the limiting beliefs or ‘story’ they hold dear.

The benefits of this process include a return to wholesome living, better health, joyful relationships and a newfound sense of adventure in their lives.

Leaders who have gone through this process and followed through with the suggested practices, have shared that they have had more energy during the day, felt a sense of calm in the midst of many a prevailing storm in their lives and have felt focused and fulfilled by sharing and living their truth.