2020 vision – future proofing your business and your career


The world of work is changing and will soon be unrecognisable from what it is today. On one hand we are told that robots will take our jobs, and yet on the other we are told that we will not be able to retire until we reach our late 70’s or even 80’s. How can that be compatible? From macro trends of urbanisation, demography and life expectancy to the ever increasing capability of technology, our businesses are facing competition from seemingly everywhere and all at once. And for employees….. in 5 years there will be 5 billion people with smart phones accessing Wikipedia and every book ever written; how will you compete when there will always be someone cheaper, faster and maybe better than you?

Businesses and work as we know it will change significantly over the next 5 years, so what will happen and how can we future proof our businesses and our careers? By connecting the dots in a meaningful way, this seminar will consider these facts and more. It will open your eyes to the risks and threats that you will face and to the opportunities that exist. This is the scary subject, but it is also the reassuring one. The one thing I guarantee - you cannot hide from it.


The session is structured around 3 interactive sessions. Each starts with a presentation followed by active group work to consider the questions posed in the presentation. The 3 sections consider:

  1. The trends playing out at a global level – emerging markets, technology, demography, globalisation, climate and politics
  2. The first 6 ‘so what?’ factors - globalisation, company focus and size, lack of talent, holistic workforces, talent pools, location
  3. The second 6 ‘so what?’ factors - – technology, offices, Future skills, The ‘T,’ structures and processes, career protection

In a constructive and thought provoking manner, the presentations will highlight the factors that business leaders will have to consider going forward and then will answer the all important question – ‘so what?’ so what does that mean for your business? We will show how the world of work and business will change and for every point made, we will show where the future has already started to take shape as, after all, ‘the future is already here…..’

Through the group work, attendees will then localise and consider how these factors are and will be playing out for their business and themselves and start to consider what actions they can take to protect and insulate themselves and prepare for the future. By the end of the session, each attendee will have a far greater understanding as to what is going on in the world and how that will impact business and the world of work. You will realise the factors that strategically you will need to focus on, and have examples of where that is already taking place – and most importantly you will know why.

Who should attend?

Any senior business leader with an interest in how the future will unfold, what the challenges are that they and their business will face and what they need to consider to protect themselves going forward. In short, anyone with an interest in strategy and in ensuring their business will survive in the medium term.

In various forms, this session has been run for businesses from FTSE100 to SME employing tens of thousands or ten people across multiple industry sectors including pharma, retail, construction, manufacturing, services and tech.

What will you do after the session?

Think. I promise it. This session will make you really think about your business, about what you are, what you are trying to be and it will make you consider what is important. The session will give you a framework of 12 ‘so what’s.’ You will not be able to focus on all 12 but you will be able to work out what is important for you as a business, and help you prioritise where to focus and above all it will challenge you to think why? This will help with your strategic decisions, it will help you contextualise and it will open your eyes to potentials and possibilities.

One other thing I guarantee is that post the session you will hear or read something from somewhere and that will trigger the session in your memory. Whether it is technology, pension ages, AI and automation you will reflect back on this session multiple times afterwards.

Added November 2017.