Effective Negotiation

You don’t get what’s fair – you get what you negotiate!


I don't know if you've noticed, but in the last couple of years negotiations seem to be getting tougher and tougher. Any pretence of collaboration has gone out of the window - and most people seem to be quite happy to win at other people's expense.

The knock-on effect is that margins are likely to suffer if you don’t do anything about it and in any case, I suspect gaining an edge in your negotiations would be valuable.

Do you ever find yourself pushed for time to plan or find yourself up against more experienced or better trained negotiators?

If so, this session will certainly help you.

This seminar focuses on getting the best results in the minimum time.

Although Steve has wide experience in negotiation - at all levels - and can share what's worked for him, the seminar advice is largely based on best practice research rather than anecdote.

Keypoints covered:

1. How you prefer to deal with conflict - and what this means for your negotiation style.

2. How to deal with difficult or “tough” negotiators.

3. The six-stage negotiation process together with the key success factors in each stage.

4. Negotiation hints and tips.

Most people think the negotiations are won or lost in the face-to-face interaction - but that couldn't be further from the truth. Obviously, it has an impact - and how confident you are does make a significant difference to your outcomes - (in negotiation confidence and competence are inextricably linked), but undoubtedly negotiations are won and lost in the planning.


Nobody ever has enough time to plan their negotiations - so Steve will give you a number of tools and templates to help you immediately address two key areas:

  • How to plan quickly and efficiently. (get the best outcomes for the minimum amount of work).
  • How to close more deals - and more importantly - ensure that your agreements stick and they get implemented.

You'll get comprehensive notes of everything covered and a chance to put the skills and techniques into practice. You’ll also get the opportunity to discuss negotiation challenges you're currently facing or you might face in near future. It could well turn out to be the most profitable few hours you've spent for some time! Remember you don't get what's fair - you get what you negotiate.

Added November 2017.