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Steve McNulty (US)

Steve was a CEO/MD for over 20 years in companies with a turnover ranging from £2m to £55m. He now works with CEOs and companies to help improve their balance of life, in-turn improving their successes in life and business.

After an international career in Engineering, Steve formed his first company in 1985 and has been a business leader ever since. He built and sold an IT business for £22 million in 2002 and since then he has been a CEO and Executive coach, a tech start up business owner, a Vistage Chair, and an International speaker and facilitator. Steve is dedicated to building business leaders awareness of what and who steals their precious time.

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Since selling his last business in 2002, Steve has been busy helping other CEOs succeed. Steve enjoys working with other CEOs and believes that by helping people who are running businesses to be more successful can have a vast multiplying effect throughout the whole economy. Steve spends much of his time committed to helping passionate people turn issues into opportunities to grow their business, make more money, take less time doing it and create really great lives for themselves and those around them.

Steve says “In this entrepreneurial environment it is essential to explore all avenues of thought and experience and to really engage the old Japanese proverb of “not one of us is as clever as all of us”. After listening, however, strong decisions have to be taken and this comes down to the CEO, as management by consensus can only, in the long-term, lead to mediocrity”. “Having been a CEO I know how intense sometimes the feeling of isolation can be. It can get very lonely and that’s why I believe that a peer group of trusted, like-minded and passionate business people is a crucial part of every success strategy”. he adds.

Accredited speaker – Q3 2015-16

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