The Psychology of Pricing

Vistage will be providing 2 webinars a month, bring new topics and speakers into the frame. These speakers will be giving timely insights and takeaways for you to use in your professional and personal environment.

How to Price your Platypus

Many companies have pricing challenges – they don’t want to price too low and leave money on the table, or price too high and lose sales. If you’ve ever struggled with knowing what to charge, then it’s time to get to grips with the science and psychology of pricing. David will introduce you to a range of ideas on pricing decisions, and you will come away with action plans to increase your prices which can be implemented quickly and easily, and with almost no cost.

In this seminar we will cover:
·         How we make pricing decisions
·         Why this applies to B2B as well as B2C
·         Three key pricing concepts
·         Why you need to price your platypus!

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