Member Successes

Vistage powers performance.

Member Successes

Vistage powers performance.

Vistage works

The proof is in the professional successes and personal achievements of our members.

Andy Bradley

Managing Director, Flora-tec

“The group is very committed to one another, we’ll help each other in a crisis whether that’s a business or personal crisis; they’re always there for you”


Rob Bloxham | Managing Director, ORB

“Vistage is more like a family, we see each other every month and you actually get to know each other a lot better”

Lorraine Tomlinson

Managing Director, John Laing Training

Vistage is my strategic route to clarity and focus

Zoe Farrington

CEO, Realsafe Technologies

I have been pushed to the limits with various issues. I think that without Vistage I probably would have thrown in the towel

Derek Stewart

Managing Director, Strategic Asset Managers

Vistage is the non-exec director in my business that helps me achieve the goals I am aiming for..

Craig Fletcher | Managing Director, Multiplay

“It’s a great confidential environment where you can open up and talk about things you don’t talk about with anyone else, especially in a family business.”

Vistage Perspectives Magazine

Ian Stentiford

Managing Director, Evoqua Water Technologies

Vistage seemed to offer the right balance of experiential learning and personal coaching

Ashley Hayward | Managing Director, Kinnarps UK

“My Vistage group has become a group of friends and trusted confidants”

Stephen Brown

Managing Director, Europrojects Recruitment

Vistage is like a spa break for your business. You get the capability and skill of a personal trainer to get you where you want to go.

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