The Vistage Chair

Guide CEOs to new heights as a Vistage Chair.

The Vistage Chair

Guide CEOs to new heights as a Vistage Chair.

Are you an accomplished business leader ready to guide others to greatness?

As a former CEO or business owner, you know that the journey to true leadership isn’t easy. It’s a daily climb fraught with challenges and obstacles, setbacks and opportunities. At Vistage, we’re built on the knowledge that CEOs who climb together go higher. And with you as an experienced CEO guide leading the charge, the sky’s the limit.

Vistage knows this climb.

Could this be the capstone of your business career?

The Guide:

What is a Chair?

Our leadership guides are called Vistage Chairs. They’re accomplished leaders who’ve led companies to greater heights throughout their careers. Now, they want to share that wisdom and knowledge. Vistage Chairs are at a place in their lives where they’re ready to help other leaders plant flags on their dreams. How about you?

Do you have what it takes to guide other leaders?

Vistage Chairs bring their whole selves to the role. They come with strong financial acumen, outstanding management skills and an innate entrepreneurial spirit. Requirements: 

  • 12-15+ years of C-level experience with £5M+ P&L responsibility
  • Have a passion for mentoring others.
  • Experience in leading a high-performing team.
  • Availability and drive to build your own practice.
  • Ability to listen to—and challenge—CEOs and senior executives.
  • Desire to help other CEOs succeed at a higher level.

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An inside look into “the life of a guide”

Once you’ve secured at least 8 members as part of  your first peer advisory group, you’ll set up monthly, full-day peer advisory meetings. In addition to “processing the issues” that members bring to the table, most meetings will also feature a presentation by a Vistage subject matter expert on a topic of high interest to your group members. You additionally meet with each member of your group each month in a private one-to-one session (about two hours). 

Meet our CEO Coaches

Life after the executive suite

This guide will give you the tools to shape the next phase of your life into what you want.

As a Vistage Chair, you help executives navigate their biggest challenges.
You are part coach, mentor, guide, confidant and inspiration.

Frequently asked questions

How does Vistage work?
This is not your standard networking group. It’s a confidential forum of experienced executives who are committed to helping each other solve difficult challenges, evaluate opportunities and develop effective strategies for better professional and business performance. Whether the question is operational, financial, structural or even personal, the group provides wisdom, perspective and accountability to help executives make better decisions and achieve more than they ever imagined possible.
Who are Vistage members?
Vistage members are managing directors, business owners and key executives of small and medium sized companies with £5M-£50M in annual revenue, representing nearly every industry. This diversity is key to furnishing advisory groups of members from non-competing industries, and providing members with relevant expertise, regardless of their industry or company size.
What are member benefits?
Members participate in monthly, Chair-led private advisory board meetings, and have access to one-to-one executive coaching, expert speakers, online industry-and-interest-based networks and proprietary content where they can ask questions of the global community. As a result, members make better decisions, achieve an improved work-life balance, and grow their companies 2.2 times faster than the average small to midsize business.
Who are Vistage Chairs?
Vistage Chairs are an elite group of independent contractors who build and run private advisory groups of high-calibre business leaders from non-competing industries. Ideal Chairs are marked by qualifications such as 15+ years of executive experience, strong financial acumen, superb management skills and innate entrepreneurial spirit.
What are the Chair’s responsibilities?
With Vistage’s support and assistance, Chairs build their first group, recruiting members in order to initially launch, and then grow and sustain the group to up to 12 members. Every month Chairs gather their members for candid, confidential roundtable discussion of their most pressing business issues. They also meet one to one with each member monthly to provide tailored executive coaching and guidance.
What are the basic requirements to be a Vistage Chair?
Generally, successful Vistage Chairs are former or transitioning business leaders or Chairman, with at least £5M of P&L responsibility and the following attributes: possess an entrepreneurial spirit with bold leadership skills, have a passion for mentoring others, be experienced in leading high performing teams, be a strong connector and networker, have the ability to listen to — and challenge — CEOs and senior executives, have achieved great success and are driven to give back.
Is Vistage a franchise model?
No. Vistage Chairs are independent contractors, operating their own Vistage Chair Practices. There is an initial one off fee of £3000 which covers all training and resources needed to start a Vistage Chair Practice. Vistage provides the support, resources, learning and development, best practices and a framework for success.
How much will I earn as a Vistage Chair?
As a Vistage Chair, you operate as an independent contractor and can determine the scope of your Vistage Practice. Should you move forward with exploring the opportunity to become a Vistage Chair, the full earning opportunities will be discussed with you.
What will Vistage provide to help me build my groups?
Vistage invests heavily in helping new Chairs to be successful. The support provided includes a world-class, award-winning learning and development programme, a support team from both the Support Center office and in the field, marketing campaigns and branding efforts, infrastructure and the strength of the Vistage brand.

Ready for the climb of a lifetime?