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As a Vistage member, you’ll gain access to engaging, high-calibre speakers who have real-world expertise on the most essential topics for business leaders today. They’ll spark innovative approaches to optimising your business and activate new ideas for personal development. Interact with them at workshops, regional events, Executive Summits and Online.

Vistage speakers and the thought leadership they share with members are an invaluable part of the experience.

Glen Daley

Vistage Speaker

I can’t get away with loose theory, being generic or dumping information. Ultimately, Vistage makes me better at my job. I have to adjust. It’s live and real business feedback.

Marcus Child

Vistage Speaker

Change the world 15 people at a time! The leaders in Vistage are all part of business communities, they have influence in these small communities and they all have clout beyond that room

Elizabeth Mills

Vistage Speaker

I feel on a high when speaking – I feed off the energy in the room and on the positive feedback

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