‘No Excuse!’: Incorporating core values, accountability and balance into your life and career!
with Jay Rifenbary

Join up to 100 CEOs, MDs and senior business leaders at The Balmoral in Edinburgh to hear international speaker Jay Rifenbary present “No Excuse!”  a session which will contribute to an individual’s ability to lead, manage, sell, and most importantly set a positive and professional example for themselves and others. It will provide a greater level of personal understanding leading to a more satisfying, fulfilling and productive career.

If you are sick and tired of people whining, this event will be one worth investing in. “No Excuse!” validates for many of us that certain principles, and skills still matter when it comes to the success of both our personal and professional lives.

“No Excuse!” is built on a solid foundation of core values, self-responsibility, organisational accountability, integrity and purpose. Principles such as self-control, personal respect, forgiveness, passion, and attitude are just a sampling of other ideas that will be presented.

Having a greater understanding of the importance of consistency in behaviour, decisiveness and personal honesty will only enhance an individual’s productivity and efficiency in the work place. Ultimately this contributes to the overall atmosphere and productivity of the organisation. 

Attendees will learn to:

• Establish and implement a standard set of personal and professional core values, providing greater accountability within the organisation and as an individual. Incorporate a universal understanding of integrity and personal honesty within the work place. 

• Motivate employees and others by creating an environment where individuals feel valued as people, not just personnel.

• Discover their personal leadership characteristics to influence others and create a higher level of performance. Why do people follow you?

• Institute forgiveness and a higher level of professionalism, i.e. emotional patience, to generate greater communication, efficiency, productivity, leading to increased trust and eventual profitability within the organisation.

• Understand acceptance versus expectation and its impact on both management effectiveness and decision-making.

• New strategies to harness the horsepower of online platforms and how you can leapfrog the laggards and stay miles ahead on the relevance curve.

No Excuse! will provide attendees:

•  A comprehensive, take home, blue print of integrated principles and action steps needed to enhance their personal and professional well-being.

•  A toolkit of personal leadership applications to influence others and excel the level of productivity, professionalism, and customer service within the organisation.

Event Fees

This event is free to Vistage members
Colleagues of Vistage members: £75+VAT 
Vistage alumni: £150+VAT 
Vistage guests: £150+VAT 

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