Build a Resilient Mindset to Thrive

Vistage will be providing 2 webinars a month, bringing new topics and speakers into the frame. These speakers will be giving timely insights and takeaways for you to use in your professional and personal environment.

Resilience is one of the most important qualities of successful leaders. Grit, determination and mental resilience are essential to thriving through challenge and supporting teams to flourish. Emma J. Bell dedicated three years of her life to researching what makes us resilient. That research ultimately took her on a journey of over 35,000 miles to interview fifty ‘Thrivers’ from around the world who have faced extreme challenge and change – and who are not just surviving, but thriving.

Despite a variety of circumstances, they each credit their ability to flourish in the face of adversity to just nine resilience strategies.

In this webinar Emma will share 5 mental resilience practices essential for leaders to thrive, and the remarkable stories of ’Thrivers’ that will inspire you to apply those practices immediately!

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